A little Favor

I just want to stop and let my followers in on what’s going on in my personal life. One of my favorite aunt is going through so much right now; earlier this year she had a kidney transplant and she was so happy that she no longer have to do dialysis, then she gave everyone in my family a scare when she had a massive stroke. Now she’s back in the hospital and she recently had heart surgery, and her condition is still not improving. My aunt is a true fighter and she is fighting as hard as she can. The last time I talked to her she told me that when she goes home she have to go visit her new granddaughter because when she got sick and they came to visit her and the baby was trying really hard to get to her so she said she has to see her when she gets home. Her family is her motivation to live and I know my aunt will get better. She told me that if god was ready for her than she would be gone but it’s not her time. Many doctors have told my aunt they don’t know how she could have lived this long when they find something wrong with her. I told my aunt last week that when I finish graduate school that I want to have a party and she said you should have it in Florida or up in northern Virginia so I can get away and really get to party; this is while she is in the hospital trying to get better!  She is the one person who holds my family together and if she was taken away from us, I truly believe the family would fall apart. So I would like to ask everyone to pray for my little red headed aunt (she laughs every time I call her that).  She’s my heart, my everything and I love this lady more than anything in this world.

Talk to you soon!


Avoiding Nonsense

Hey guys, the last post was a quote from Colin Powell and the more I sit and read it, it makes so much sense. If you want to be successful, why affiliate with people who don’t have any goal or ambition in life. Why affiliate with people who are negative and want to see you do bad because you’re doing well in life. I heard on the Steve Harvey morning show that in the time of his rising to success, he felt negativity from family and friends and once he got rid of them he was a happier person. I feel that I’m in a point in my life that I don’t want to be around anybody who is negative, anybody who can’t tell me there goals for the next five years, or anyone who is a poor excuse of a human being. If you associate yourself with positive people, your will be a positive person and the cycle continues. I learned that some people would never be happy for anyone because they’re not happy with their selves and until they are able to love their selves, I can’t be around them.  I do want to say that I am happy that I do have some great people around me and I am more than willing to do anything to help them but those other bad seeds that are trying to come into my world, they can kick rocks!  I’m going to sit back, smile, and laugh because laughter takes away stress and its been proven that you will live a longer life. If you are one of those negative people it’s time for you to make a change its not cute at all. Best thing I heard  “avoid pathological nonsense and neurotic behavioral”.  Everyone look at your life, and make changes for the good and remove all the negativity from your life and smile.

Talk to you soon!

“The less you a…


“The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve.
Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An
important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative
thinking and negative acting people. As you grow, your associates will
change. Some of your friends will not want you to go on. They will want you
to stay where they are. Friends that don’t help you climb will want you to
crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream. Those that
don’t increase you will eventually decrease you.

Consider this:
Never receive counsel from unproductive people. Never discuss your problems
with someone incapable of contributing to the solution, because those who
never succeed themselves are always first to tell you how. Not everyone has
a right to speak into your life. You are certain to get the worst of the
bargain when you exchange ideas with the wrong person. Don’t follow anyone
who’s not going anywhere.

With some people you spend an evening: with others you invest it. Be careful
where you stop to inquire for directions along the road of life. Wise is the
person who fortifies his life with the right friendships. If you run with
wolves, you will learn how to howl. But, if you associate with eagles, you
will learn how to soar to great heights.
“A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the
kind of friends he chooses.”

The simple but true fact of life is that you become like those with whom you
closely associate – for the good and the bad.

Note: Be not mistaken. This is applicable to family as well as friends.
Yes…do love, appreciate and be thankful for your family, for they will
always be your family no matter what. Just know that they are human first
and though they are family to you, they may be a friend to someone else and
will fit somewhere in the criteria above.

“In Prosperity Our Friends Know Us. In Adversity We Know Our friends.”

“Never make someone a priority when you are only an option for them.”
“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things,you develop the habit in little matters.
Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude..”..”
— Colin Powell

The first line in this quote is the most realest statement and once you come to a certain point in your life you will understand! 

I just want to be spoiled

Hey ladies, I’m back and I want to get something off my chest; many people would say this only to their girls because they don’t want to be judge but I confident in myself that I don’t care how you feel about me. I want to date again because I’m tired of spending my own money! Now the last person spoiled me to a point that I think it is crazy that I’m spending my money on food, gas, oil changes and so much more. I have a job and I work close to 90 hours every two weeks but I would rather have someone spend his money on me than me spending my own money. People always say I don’t care if he doesn’t have any money I want to be happy; wrong! When you’re going out to dinner and you’re, going in your purse you will change your mind fast. I just want to be pampered again; the surprise gifts, going on a date and not having someone say let’s go Dutch; man that’s a good feeling. When a man start saying lets go Dutch, he’s getting too comfortable. I think I paid for one or two dinners with the last person, so I can’t imagine paying for someone any time soon. Ladies I’m just saying; some may say I’m a gold digger but I got my own money. I just like to be spoil and there’s nothing is wrong with that!

Talk to you soon!

After the Trial

Hi, guys I’m back, so I’m sure the world has heard the verdict of the Zimmerman trial. Some people are outrage while some people are happy. What I don’t understand is why in a tragic situation people have to spread so much hate in the world. From the start race played a major part in this case and some feel that if this were a white boy who was killed nobody would be going crazy and having marches and more. What people don’t understand that if the tables were turned Trayvon wouldn’t have a chance; it would be guilty and that’s it. Some of the comments I saw were; nobody cared about the white woman who baby was murdered by the two black guys from GA, or that this was another opportunity for Al Sharpton to get on TV. I personally want to say that I was outraged that those two guys killed that baby, and they deserve to be thrown in jail, and never see the lights of day and I also feel that George Zimmerman needs to be jail for life. I am really happy to see the nation come together and protest peacefully, because everyone is expecting riots and craziness.  I hope everyone realize that it is time for African American to do better because one comment that I saw that I have to agree with is  “black people are going crazy when a white/Hispanic guy killed a black boy but there is tones of black on black crime that nobody cares about”.  NOW that’s something to think about! I am tired of seeing fights on world star hip hop and girls with their legs wide open just to get some attention . I want our young girls to know that you don’t have to have sex with a little boy for him to like you. I want young boys to know that snagging your pants, cussing, and carrying a gun doesn’t make you a man.  All the good that black people do in this world get over looked by all the foolishness out there. We need to be celebrating how every year thousands of young black adult graduates from colleges and universities and changing the world.  My pledge to the world I will continue to be a role model for young girls, I will continue to promote successful black men, and I will continue to be a great example of a successful black woman. What is your pledge?

Talk to you soon!

How much can one person take?

As a woman, we put up with a lot from a man but there is a breaking point where we can’t take it anymore. If you continue to act a fool in public but the next day, you say, “I’m sorry, please forgive me”; you going to wake up one morning and we won’t be there. How many times do we suppose to accept your apology?  Now if we accept you apology every time what will change? NOTHING! Sometimes sorry isn’t enough and we’ve hit our breaking point. Some women deal with bullshit for years or a few months but there comes a point when we can’t take it anymore. I want every man to understand that if you don’t value what you have one day you won’t have that woman in your life. Now if your woman leaves you, you have to understand it’s not because she doesn’t love you, she is tire and she has hit her breaking point but if she stays; GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. I don’t want men to think I’m bashing men; I want you to stop and appreciate what you have because one day she won’t be there. Men drop the excuses, the embarrassment, the “I forgot what happen”, and man-up and stop acting like a fool. Value your woman because as R. Kelly said “when a women feed up, there is nothing you can do about it”.

Talk to you soon!

The finish product

I’m happy to say that, I finally finish my first rental property! This past month I have learned so much when it comes to contractors to the unexpected problems a house brings. One of the biggest lesson I learned is to keep family out of your business! Sometimes I’m a softie when it comes to certain family members and I asked my uncle to paint for me and that was the first problem. Second problem is that it had to be on his time and it was as if my money wasn’t good enough so I had to fire my uncle. At first, I felt bad but by the end of the week, I had fired two to three more people. My uncle told me I was in the business of firing people but no work was being done!  In the end, it all worked out all; I kept thinking, “A sitting house doesn’t make money”.  One thing I was happy about was that the entire progress my other uncle was there to show me the way. He will be the only family member that I want to be involved my business because he was teaching me everything along the way and he never asked me for anything. I learned to never depend on anybody because you will be wasting your time and money! When I walked through the house this weekend I felt proud because when I first got the house it was sitting for a while and it smelled old and the water heater was from the 30’s but now it’s freshly painted, brand new toilet, and water heater! The fact that this house all mine if the icing on the cake. Now I’m working on my strategy for the next house and my plans for the next five years for T. Rose Properties, it’s an amazing feeling.


Talk to you soon!

T.Rose Progress

I want to update everyone on my hard work to get T. Rose Properties off the ground and running. June 4th I sign the dotted line purchasing my first rental property and it was an awesome feeling! I’ve been doing some work on the house before I rent it out, so I have been busting my butt this entire month getting my house ready for the 1st of July, so my new tenants can move in. I had to do one of the hardest things ever and that was firing my uncle, but I had to realize that business is business and if you’re not going to do what you said you’re going to do then I will find someone who will. I have been blessed that one of my  uncle has been helping me this entire time with fixing up my house. He even purchased my brand new water heater for my house! He has negotiated prices for me to get work done on the house to save me money. He has even gotten dirty putting in work himself.  I have to deal with all his yelling and cursing but I know he is proud of me and wants nothing but the best. Now that I’m down to the last two weeks, we are putting in some work to make it to the finish line! It has been so hard dealing with work, school, and this house but I’m learning so much along the way that I know the next property will be a lot easier.  I can admit this experience has made me become closer to my uncle and I can appreciate that. Knowing that my family is proud of me is also a great feeling, because many of them don’t know or understand what I do for a living; but doing this they fully understand. It’s crazy that many don’t understand my relationship with this one person but I love that I know that I can depend on him when I need him and we’re not even in a relationship but this will be my only ex I will call a friend.  Every mile I put on my car is worth it, every happy hour I have to miss is worth it, every outing on Meet-up that I missed to finish this house is absolutely work it! The best part of this whole thing is that this house is mine and my dreams are coming true. I hope by the end of the year or the beginning of next year I will be working towards my next property, so if you have a dream just put all your effort in that dream to make it come true, it’s a great feeling to see it all unfold in front of you.

Talk to you soon!

He Still Doesn’t Get It

So I want to share a little insight on my dating life. I’ve been dating this guy on and off for almost two years and he’s a great guy. If you need someone to support you, he’s that guy, if you need someone to motivate you and push you he’s that guy, but after this long he stills doesn’t understand what I want from him in a relationship. When I’m low on money or just want to buy something for myself and it doesn’t fit in the budget; he ask no questions but how much you need. Now we’re at a point that he feels that if he gives me money that will make up for when he’s busy and can’t spend time with me. In his past relationships he dated women who only wanted him for his money and that’s it, but with me I really don’t care about his money but he doesn’t understand. My first sign of love is quality time and that’s a must; he’s lacking in this department but every other signs of love I can’t complain.  He says that he loves me and that he hasn’t met a female like me before.  He says I make him want to do things that he never thought of doing before. Now if I can do all of this for him why can’t he put in a little more effort, so I can say the same about him? All I hear that I’m working and that you know I have a lot of things on my plate right now, just give me some time. How much time do you suppose to give somebody? One of the main reason we stop talking the last time because of his work schedule and him not taking the necessary time out for me. I’m at a point in my life that I’m not going to settle, I’ve settled in the past and I won’t do it again. If it was something, small like I don’t like the way he laughs then I can say I’m over reacting but this is the key to our relationship working. The fact that he wants a baby and he’s always talking about it drives me crazy and all I feel is if I have a baby with you are you going to have time for your child or are you going to give me money for the baby too. I’m at my breaking point; there are other things in his life that doesn’t work for me and its not minor things. I need some advice, what would you do if you were in my situation. My best friend told me “you knew what you was getting yourself into, so deal with it or walk away”.  How can two people have so much in common but every sign says this is not going to work.

Talk to you soon !

A Man vs A Boy

I just want to go over the differences between a man and a boy. A man knows what he wants out of life. A man was once a boy who grew up and now he doesn’t have time for childish games. A man has tunnel vision; he keeps his eyes on his prize. A man doesn’t needs two or three women in his life he appreciates what he has at home. A man can admit his faults. A man doesn’t put his hands on his woman. A man isn’t afraid to tell his woman how he feels about her. A man can make up his mind. A man doesn’t play with your emotions. A man doesn’t cheat, steal, or take from a woman.

Now on the other hand a boy plays tones of childish games. A boy thinks its okay to put his hands on a woman. A boy will take from kids and anybody he can just so he gets what he wants. A boy will lie to everyone around him and to himself just so he can feel good about himself. A boy denies everything and never take blame. A boy is what you’re told to run from because he is no good. A boy like things easy and convenient for him, so he doesn’t have to put in any work. A boy is complacent in life and talks about his dreams but never turn them into reality.  Boys are cowards, but one day they will realize it’s time to grow up and turn into a man.

I have had boys come into my life but I’m happy to say they are far from my life today. Now if you are in a situation with a boy and you’re thinking of leaving, just ask yourself do you want a man or a boy.

Talk to you soon!